Iron Man Hulkbuster Armor



People type: film and television characters
Props Accessories: Equipment / Weapons
Full set includes:
Armor, leg armor, shoes, neck armor, plastron
Material EVA
Professional 3D MAX modeling, to ensure the perfect ratio, the original details!
Customized completion time: 6 weeks

Body size table (fill in role)
1, please fill in the body size table according to their own needs (no production related items can not fill).
2, please be close to the measurement, such as their own measurement is not accurate, please be responsible for their own.
3, all measurement units, please fill in cm (except shoes).
4, please carefully measured and fill out.
Name data (CM) Remarks (note can see the amount of their own requirements, modify)
Height height
* Bust of the amount of underwear
* Waist the smallest place:
* Crotch waist (required) Crotch waist Waist waist
* Hip
* Shoulder on both sides of the shoulders
* Arm long on the shoulders to the wrist
* Pants long (skirt length, leg length) hip bone to ankle
* Upper length (front) shoulders to the navel
* After the body length
* Thighs around the thickest thighs
* Thigh long from the hip bone to the knee
The calf is the thickest part of the calf
* Legs long knee to ankle
* Ankle circumference (required) The finest part of the calf above the ankle
* The upper arm of the arm is the thickest place
* The upper arm to the elbow
* The thickest circumference of the arm
* Arm long elbow to wrist
* Wrist circumference (required) The thinest part of the wrist
* Fingers long (middle finger) joints to the fingertips
* Palm long (wrist to middle finger)
* Head circumference (horizontal) temple parallel circumference
* Neck circumference
*Shoe size