Iron Man Mk45 Armor



Professional 3D MAX modeling drawings, to ensure the perfect ratio, the original details! Non-ordinary hand drawing drawings comparable, Iron Man armor, because the specific so professional!
Height is set at 1.8 meters, suitable for wear! Can also be customized to any size, ornaments can wear!

Full set includes:
Helmet (can light) breastplate (can light) armor (can light)
Armor, leg armor, shoes, neck armor, plastron

Name (unit:cm), note (according to their own amount of data to fill)
* Height, net high
* Bust, wear underwear
* Waist, the smallest place:
* Crotch waist, (required) crotch waist waist waist
* Hip
* Shoulder, shoulder on both sides of the bones
* Arm long, shoulder bones to wrist
* Pants long (skirt length, leg length), hip bone to ankle
* Upper body length (front), shoulders to the navel
* After the body length
* Thighs, thighs thickest place
* Thigh long, from the hip bone to the knee
* Calf circumference, the thickest leg of the place
* Legs long, knee to ankle
* Foot circumference (required), the most fine part of the calf above the ankle
* Upper arm, the thickest arm of the place
* Arm long, shoulder to elbow
* Small arm Wai, the most rough muscle around the degree
* Arm long, elbow to wrist
* Wrist circumference (required), the thinest part of the wrist
* Fingers long (middle finger), joints to fingertips
* Palm long, wrist to middle finger
* Head circumference (horizontal), the temple parallel to the circumference
* Neck circumference
* Shoe size